Interactive Scenarios

We’ve all sometimes questioned our children’s use of digital media and have wondered how best to protect them from cyberbullying.The interactive scenarios below show some ways that parents can respond actively to the challenges of guiding their children in a digital world. Click on a scenario to see how these situations play out and get ideas, skills, and language for addressing them in your own family.

After observing a drastic change in her daughter Lisa’s mood, Kathy checks Lisa’s online accounts to discover some troubling posts aimed at her daughter. How can Kathy approach her daughter and find out if she is a victim of cyberbullying?

While silencing her son Matthew’s phone, Anna discovers a concerning message about his friend, Ronny. Should Anna confront her son if she suspects that her son has been a witness to cyberbullying?

Jon and Anna are talking about their children’s social media presence, and Anna realizes that she knows very little about what her son is doing online. What can Anna do to better monitor her son’s digital activity?

Kathy discovers that her friend’s daughter is starting trouble online. Should Kathy approach her friend about her daughter’s social media misconduct?

Nadia begs her father, Jon, to let her set up a social media account, but Jon is hesitant. How can he be sure that Nadia is ready for the responsibility of reading and posting online?

Mr. Turner, a school principal, is approached by three different parents who are looking for guidance on issues of cyberbullying. What can the school do to address their situations, even when the cyberbullying occurs outside of school?

  • Christine Fortune Guthery, President, SPARK Kindness
    Co-Founder, Natick/Metrowest Anti-Bullying Coalition, Massachusetts